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Element Riders is a french non profit organisation. Our target is to use elements sports to promote a lifestyle based upon harmony with nature.

Element Riders has some commercial activities to finance :
- a web magazine (interviews and articles).
- The creation of an alternative projects gallery concerning outdoor sports.
and also the diffusion of this gallery to potential investors.
- The publishing of pressbooks for athletes in mountain ski, snowboard and surf who are practicing these activities with the same attitude they have in life: with honor, ethic and the spirit of performance in wilderness.

Element riders is also, some individual atlhetes/consult/webdesigners/photographers/cameramen:
You can employ individually each of us as if your company/community is focused on outdoor sports and especially: mountain extreme ski and snowboard, surf, mountainboard.
For more details about each of us (CV,background, professionnal experience) please visit our "core" page.

You can help this structure by asking for the services proposed :
- creation of a web-site
- creation of a global communication campain (Web, Video, pictures, graphical...)on outdoor activities.
- Creation of a mountainpark concept for summer activities.
hosting in your ski resort our "Ride´n´rush festival". An event that will provide you an incredible promotionnal tool.
- creation of an indoor decoration (wood hand made frame with pictures or paintings), for your company, your desk, or your home.

For these kind of businesses, you can contact us directly on the net. You can also help by being a sponsor for each of us as athletes Are you interested? please fill out the form and send it to us and we will contact you a.s.a.p.

If you want to view our links, please click here.

If you want to get linked with us, contact us

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