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Thanks to come and visit our website which has been, is and will keep on being an independant online media since 2001!!!
Here , you'll find an organized melting pot of multimédias stuff mainly about gliding activities in big mountains, but also some more general subjects articles we wrote after researches.
This website has originaly been created in order for a few professionnal riders (us)to get in touch with  "mainstream" medias and the  UN concerning chapter 13 of the agenda 21 (FAO)...
The target was to insert our activities for eco tourism projects...It's so good to be young and active!!! 
After we lost our naivity toward the establishment  and when we realized they would never dare to answer our emails...After the ski and snowboard business got rid of these kind of  "left wing" ski and snow riders, pissing off everyone with their projects quite far away of the consumers ambiance...we decided to keep on on our own.

If you check out how we structured informations here, you'll find
- On your left in the " global rider box", Some ground articles very detailed and well documented . They are the basement of the ideeology that stands behind our project and fuel us.
- Some more precise end short articles in our "blog" section (on the upper menu").
Unfortunatly for english spoken...most of them are badly translated, or in french ...feel free to help us . freeride dissidents

We are riders...which mean women and men who like to enjoy this soft gliding feeling in the heart of wilderness therefore we shall and we must take part of the actual major debats in order to replace our activities inside a new social and economical deal that has to happen.
We are riding glaciers...and therefore are we first line watchers of the global warming. The new green wave based on a carbon tax unic solution brought by those who spread the shit on our planet since more than 100 years, and want to tax people in order to finance project using technologies, they have hidden and that should be financed with confiscated  benefits; is a huge scandal!!!
therefore will  you find in this website autonom individual projects for each of us to stay away from these bastards.
Right now we are focusing on biomass gasification, and have decided to built a wood gasifier ...stay tuned if you are us if you want to help and.or sponsor.


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